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How To Work with Pyrite

Pyrite is a powerful source of outgoing, yang, extroverted energy that attracts wealth, abundance, and boosts the power of your solar plexus chakra. Here’s some practical tips on how to work with it.

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How To Work With Chrysanthemum Stone

Chrysanthemum stone is a clay-based stone that helps attract good fortune, wealth, increase your ability for manifestation, and help you shift into a positive mood. Here’s some practical tips on how to work with it.

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How To Work With Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a high frequency crystal that helps to neutralize and clear negative energy, and protect you from harmful vibes. Here’s how to work with it in crystal therapy, your home, and in your everyday life.

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How To Charge Quartz With Your Intention

In my "How To Work With Quartz" video & article, I mention that you have to be careful with quartz because it amplifies & magnifies everything -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. At the same time, quartz can be charged or charmed (what many people refer to as "programming") to work according to a specific intention, or to channel any kind of energy you wish. 

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Crystals for a First Date

It’s nice to have a little crystal help & support for these everyday life situations! On a first date we want to be the most gorgeous, funny, attractive, awesome version of ourselves, because that is deep down inside who we are! Here’s a few crystals that can help you have a great experience on a first date.

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How To Work With Pink Kunzite

Kunzite is a higher heart crystal full of joyful vibes, that fills the heart chakra with loving energy, helping it to heal, expand, and receive divine love. Here’s how to work with it.

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How to Work with Tektite

Tektite is a mega high-vibe crystal that helps you lift up out of daily human concerns, cope with survival and money fears, astral travel to other star realms, and to connect more strongly with the potency of the Universe. Here’s how to work with it.

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Epic Crystals for Sleep

Everybody’s always asking me for suggestions on crystals to help them sleep. Here’s a few different suggestions based on different sleep issues. Feel free to ask for more in the comments below!

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How to Work with Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is an epic stress-relief crystal that supports adrenal health, work/life boundaries, and helps with emotional grounding/centering. Here’s how to work with it.


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Solar Eclipse Smoky Quartz Ritual

On an individual level, to put it plainly, you have a choice: you can either rock these energies, or you can let them rock YOU. The former is an opportunity to grow, heal, and move forward with greater power. The latter will still drag you there kicking and screaming, but it’ll hurt a little more.

In order to rock the energies, you need to align with them, embody them, flow with them. They have a divine design, and it is in your highest if you make it so.

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How to Work with Labradorite

Labradorite is a crystal of ancient mystery, magic, psychic protection, transformation, and psychic ability. Here’s how to work with it.

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How to Work with Nuumite

Nuumite is an ancient stone of mastery, wisdom, spirituality, and past life memory. Here’s how to work with it.

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How to Work with Fluorite

Fluorite is the bar-none crystal for mind power. It helps you to learn, think, remember, and focus better, cloaks your aura from psychic attack, and connect with higher wisdom. Here’s how to work with it.

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Lunar Eclipse Ceremony

They say that if when swimming, you get pulled into a riptide, the safest course of action is to swim along with the current rather than fight against it.

While the moon rules the tides, it also rules our emotions, and when we're going into a full moon lunar eclipse, the effects on our emotional body, psyche, and collective unconscious can be deeply felt.

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