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Crystal Support for the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

Crystal Support for the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius Today at 4:05p ET

If you've been feeling like you need a positive energy shift in your life recently, good news!

This new moon is being heralded as a positive new moon: A chance to let go, dream big, and commit to an authentic vision of your future. It's a potent time to work the threefold power of an eclipse to propel you by planting the seeds of powerful intentions, and then preparing to take big steps forward.

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Crystal Support for the Capricorn 2018 New Moon

The new moon in Capricorn, sign of ambition, industry and goals, happens this Tuesday January 16th at 9:17pm ET.

What to be aware of for this new moon:

  • This new moon phase is being described as a "rollercoaster". With six planets sitting in the sign and the building of eclipse season energy, the next few days could feel tumultuous and overwhelming, potentially giving rise to conflicts and endings in your relationships, friendships, careers, lifestyles, travel plans, and home life.
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Here's How Manifestation Works, Step By Step

My personal experience is that Manifestation is real. It works. But it's a process!

There's a lot of info out there on the art of manifestation, some of it's great, some of it's fluff. Your reality will not altar with a twitch of your nose or wishful thinking. It changes when YOU change.

Vision becomes reality through planning. This means knowing your desires, but then making choices in alignment with those desires, and taking actions that move you towards your goals.

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A Little Yuletide Crystal Magic

We're moving into a potent phase of intention setting and manifestation magic from the 25th to the 6th (the original 12 days of Yuletide or Christmas), when our thoughts and hopes will look to a fresh start at the new year.

According to the ancient Celtic and Druidic calendars, the month of Birch begins today. The birch tree symbolizes new beginnings, rebirth, and resurrection. In the runic language of the old Norse, it symbolizes fertility, healing, prosperity, and the feminine mysteries.

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Opening Your Third Eye Chakra With Crystals

There are many different ways of opening your third eye chakra with crystals in order to strengthen your intuition and activate psychic abilities. Here are some crystals that can help you and specific ways of working with them:

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How To Work With Sugilite

Sugilite is a powerful stone of transformation, healing, emotional and spiritual growth that helps to raise your frequency, activate and strengthen psychic ability, and heal the heart. Here’s how to work with it:

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How To Work With Black Kyanite

Black kyanite is a power crystal that helps to remove blocked energy, deflect psychic attack, and help you to uncover and work through the causes of inner resistance. Here’s how to work with it:

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How To Work With Azurite

Azurite is a powerhouse third eye chakra crystal that helps you dramatically increase your psychic abilities and awareness, divination skills, and think outside the box. Here’s how to work with it:


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How To Work With Red Jasper

Red jasper is a stone of the brave, of power, courage, strength, grounding, and personal majesty, that can help support you through challenging times and long work hours. Here’s how to work with it:

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Healers & Empaths: How to Protect Yourself In Your Sleep

We are in what is referred to as the dark time of the year, when the sunlight has diminished, the nights are long and cold, and spirits roam more freely as the veils thin.

It's been like this at this time of year, in this hemisphere, for hundreds of years.

For healers and empaths, it's a time when spiritual self-care is of increased importance, as we're more susceptible not just to the energy shifts and increased psychic phenomena, but also because we are more powerfully sensitive to the feelings & energy of the world around us.

Have you noticed that lately?

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How To Work With Blue Kyanite

Blue kyanite is a crystal of mastery that helps you with self-expression, clarity of thought, come up with new ideas, hear your intuition, and recover more quickly from colds and sore throats. Here’s how to work with it:

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