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September: Triumph Over Challenging Times

Hello my lovelies!  I trust you are keeping cool in what feels to me to be the Summer's last, triumphant, howling stand before Autumn's inevitable, cooling return.

Well I'm not going to dress it up:  These past few months, in fact this past YEAR, has been epic for me in terms of deepening and transformation.  I have had more 'dark nights of the soul' in this time than any other, it's been confronting, difficult, painful, and yet deeply rewarding.  I share this because I know both from my clients & friends that I am not alone.  

We're still in the roller-coaster ride that was the grand 2012 transition: As it turns out, evolution & ascendancy is not always a pretty process!  We're not out of it yet, folks, but I'll share with you what has helped me, and may help you, to hang on to your butts:  PRAYER.

Now as most of you know, I'm no bible thumper (tho there's great dish in that book!), and I don't believe in a big bearded guy in the sky, but when you're being confronted with your deepest fears and being challenged to surmount your perceived limitations, sometimes all you can do is drop to your knees and demand HELP.

I use the word demand very specifically:  I feel guided to remind us all of our immense, divine power.  As I've been fond of saying lately to clients:  Moses did not sweetly ask that red sea to part, if it wouldn't mind - he authoritatively DEMANDED it! There was no other option, no conciliatory gesture, no other expectation.

Now this may seem awfully dramatic of me, even dire, but for me it has been very empowering to exercise this authority:  God, I demand all divine intervention allowed by law.  God, I demand a positive shift in my fortunes.  God, I demand all healing where possible.  God, I demand guidance that is clear and obvious to follow.  God, I demand more support. (You can sub in 'Universe' if you are not comfortable with the word God).

Now some may bristle at these words, and say: "Who are you to place demands on God?!". Initially, I'd love to sweetly reply: "Well honey, seems only fair, it feels like God places demands on me all the time", but actually the truth is that we are all God, we are all beautiful, perfect/imperfect expressions of Source, and when we DEMAND, without anger or rancor, but solidly, absolutely, within our power, with an expectation of no other outcome but that which we determine, we move mountains.

I suspect that Autumn's arrival will meet us with more challenges, but I feel that we are up to the task:  Now is the time, more than ever, by strength or surrender, to exercise our power and call on all the higher energy, guidance, and healing that is at our disposal.  Remember that where there is challenge there is achievement, where there is a will there is a way.  That all you dream of is possible, and that you are worth it.

I'll let you chew on that for a while...

xoxox Krista

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