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Aaron's Breastplate & The Modern Art of Pairing Crystals with Runes, Akashic Soul Archetypes, and Astrology

As promised, here's the cheat sheet from my webinar for Nightlight Astrology on Crystals and Sun Signs. Want to watch the full class? Click Here!

Aaron's breastplate

Aaron's breastplate

Sun Sign - Rune - Akashic Soul Archetype

Aries – Tyr - Warrior

  • Power: WILLPOWER. driven, strength, ambitious, passionate, courageous
  • Crystals: red jasper, tiger iron, fire agate, carnelian, ruby, garnet (almandine)

Taurus – Fehu – Land Owner/Farmer

  • Power: PRESENCE. Simplicity, stability, sensuality, earthiness, grounding, abundance, richness of life, beauty.
  • Crystals: jade, green garnet, tiger eye, ruby, mookaite jasper, peridot

Gemini – Gebo – Wanderer

  • Power: FLOW. Curiosity, desire, inquisitiveness, inter-relating, connecting, flexibility, managing change/uncertainty
  • Crystals: blue tiger eye, azurite, mookaite jasper, gold rutile quartz, fluorite, garnet

Cancer – Laguz – Hermit

  • Power: SOULFULNESS. Instinct, emotional guidance, self-awareness, sensing/experiencing things deeply, being able to nurture things - patience.
  • Crystals: moonstone, sodalite, lapis, labradorite, rose quartz, silver rutile quartz

Leo – Sowulo – Leader/Chieftan

  • Power: HEART. Creativity, courage, strength of character, sense of purpose, willpower hero/heroine of own life story, wealth, success.
  • Crystals: ruby, citrine, carnelian, emerald, eudialyte, rhodonite, imperial topaz

Virgo – Thurizaz – Nun/Priestess

  • Power: FORESIGHT. Ability to see the whole as well as the parts/big picture and small details, management, craft, vigilance (cya), troubleshooting, effective planning, mastering the process
  • Crystals: blue sapphire, fuschite, natrolite, tourmaline quartz, blue kyanite, blue topaz

Libra – Inguz – Judge

  • Power: DISCERNMENT. Ability to gauge good vs. bad guidance/advice/direction, making aligned choices with inner truth/sense of rightness, seeking out light and divinity, creation of harmony, right action.
  • Crystals: scolecite, blue tourmaline, blue lace agate, honey calcite, kunzite

Scorpio – Hagalaz – Shaman

  • Power: TRANSFORMATION. Intensity, magnetism, direction of focus/energy, power of the shadow, embodiment/embracing of whole self, can travel through dark places - strength
  • Crystals: moldavite, covellite, black obsidian, labradorite, pietersite, sugilite

Sagittarius – Ehwaz – Voyager

  • Power: FREEDOM. Seeking, learning, challenging dogma or the norm, breaking out of constraints/should/ideals into authentic truth, open to new ideas and ways of being, ability to follow your bliss, evolving/improving
  • Crystals: amazonite, smoky quartz, ocean jasper, amethyst, datolite

Capricorn - Uruz - Builder

  • Power: CO-CREATION. Accountability, diligence, engagement in the process, commitment, translation of vision into physical reality, manifestation, mastery, ownership of success
  • Crystals: pyrite, onyx, vanadinite, hematite, snowflake obsidian, peacock ore (bornite)

Aquarius - Ansuz - Oracle/Prophet

  • Power: VISION. Innovation, invention, humanitarianism, serving the collective/serving God, dreams, ideas/idealism, evolution.
  • Crystals: azurite, watermelon tourmaline, apophylite, sugilite, aragonite star cluster, elestial quartz

Pisces - Perth - Mystic

  • Power: MYSTICISM. Intuition, empathy, imagination, sensitivity, psychic ability, creativity, dreamer/weaver of fantasy
  • Crystals: smithsonite, chrysocolla, amethyst, jet, chiastolite, ajoite, cobaltic calcite

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