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THE Path of the Priestess: Equinox Power
Manifestation, Metamorphosis, and Balancing Magic at Ostara

Wednesday March 15th at 6PM EST online

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When we celebrate ancient festivals and reconnect with the essence and spirit of their meanings, we come in contact with something deeper and richer than what the day to day business of our lives has to offer: We dive into the rhythms and power cycles of the earth, receive guidance from the Great Spirit, and drop more deeply into the magic and potency of our true selves.

It’s an opportunity to rediscover the “something more” that we’ve been seeking: the deeper meaning in our lives, a higher divine consciousness, and the beauty, wonder, and possibility that exists in the world around us. It’s a grounding in the continuity of life, and yet an embracing of the shifts and changes that are a natural part of our existence.

The 20th of March marks the Vernal Equinox, a time when the ancients gathered to celebrate the coming of Spring, of renewal, of the light beginning to hold sway over the northern part of the world, and of new life as it erupts and spreads gloriously across the land.

In our modern times, as for the old, this is a day of preparation and of balancing your energies for new work, life, love, and opportunity. A time of clearing away old debris and obstacles, making space to invite in prosperity, fecundity, and fresh hope for dreams to be realized.

During this hour-long webinar we will gather in a sacred, etheric circle, and begin our preparations both in life and in spirit for the Equinox.

The webinar will include:

  • A brief introduction to old Equinox lore, the Celtic Tree calendar, and identification of gods and goddesses who were celebrated at that time
  • Instruction on how to perform simple yet powerful rituals on the day of the Equinox for manifestation, energy balance, attraction rune magic, the removal of obstacles, and to receive fairy blessings
  • A handout detailing all rituals and with a list of added activities to create your own celebration

You will experience:

  • Gathering into a spirit circle to reconnect with the sacred tree essence of Alder, and receive a blessing from Branwen, Celtic goddess of beauty, benevolence and youth
  • Participation in a bell charm ritual to remove obstacles with the air element and invite in abundance and prosperity (*you will need a small bell or chime for this ritual)
  • A guided journey with your unicorn totem to the realm of the gnomes (earth element = wealth, manifestation) to plant golden seeds for new beginnings

You will come away from this webinar with added spiritual skills and knowledge, as well as a greater sense of your own magic and possibility, and perhaps even with a deep feeling of transformation! True transformation comes from within when we’re able to reconcile both our shadow and light selves, and bring our energies fully into alignment with our passions.

Then manifestation work not only becomes easy, it becomes inevitable.

Join the magical tribe as we gather on Wednesday the 15th at 6pm ET to celebrate life, renewal, and abundance! (and fairies and unicorns!!)


  • What - Path of the Priestess: Equinox Power
  • Where - Online via Zoom
  • When - Live online Wednesday March 15th at 6pm EST; recording available until March 27th, 2017
  • Duration - 60 minutes
  • Fee - $25
  • Bonuses - Guided journey with unicorn totem during webinar + handout
  • Policies - No credits/refunds after purchase; you have until March 27th, 2017 to watch the recording, after that it will no longer be available

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Once you have paid via PayPal to register, please wait to be redirected to the thank you page so that you can complete registration for the webinar. If you are not redirected to that page, or if you do not receive registration details via email from Zoom, please contact me.

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