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Past Life Journey Through the Akashic Records

A guided session recording + workbook to help you discover and learn from your past lives

Past Life Journey /

This is no ordinary guided meditation: I designed this package while in my own Akashic Records in conference with my guides. This is a past life retrieval session that people can use again and again, to their own benefit and for their highest good.

Journey to the Akashic Records, connect with your guides, and travel through past life memories to retrieve information, reclaim soul-level self-knowledge, and heal or release what is no longer serving you now.

The Akashic Records is a divine realm of light where it is believed that all information about life and the universe is contained. It is like an infinite spiritual database, or library, where the record of your soul and the stories of your many lives is kept. Accessing information at that level can help you to have a greater understanding of who you are in this lifetime, your relationship patterns, your fears or behaviors, as well as your karma and what you may need to heal or release in order to benefit more fully from your present life.

The recording:

  • The recording is approximately 52 minutes long in mp3 format.
  • There are two tracks in the recording: The first is an instruction track (4:30) and the second guides you on a journey (47:30) to experience three past lives.
  • In the instruction track you are are given prompts to communicate effectively with your guides, and pointers so that you can remain empowered and in control throughout your journey.
  • As you experience each past life memory in your journey, there will be periods of silence so that you are free to explore uninterrupted, as well as guiding questions that can help you to receive the information or insight you need from each life.

The Workbook

  • The workbook contains detailed instructions, pointers, answers to frequently asked questions, and a safety disclaimer
  • It also contains log sheets so that you can keep notes of your past life journeys, and the pertinent details from each memory. You can download additional logs for your workbook at

Download instructions:

  • This is a package that contains a guided recording (mp3 format) + workbook (.pdf format).
  • When you complete your purchase you will receive links to download the full package (.zip format). Double-click the .zip file, and it should convert to 2x mp3 files (instruction track 1, journey track 2) + a .pdf file (the workbook).

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"The way you guide us through the journey and in between the journey, and the questions you guide us through, all I want to scream is 'ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!'"

"I came back with a sense of immense clarity and feeling a profound shift in me, having a better understanding of my current lifetime and relationships, and why things are playing out the way they are. It was a really moving journey, and I can't even imagine how greatly beneficial this is going to be for anyone who listens to it". - Rabeea J.

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