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An online circle gathering of modern mystics Celebrating the ritual, magic, and lore of ancient festivals

Fae enchantment: Faery, Love, and Nature Magic at Beltane

Fae Enchantment /

REcording available for 24 hours!

Journey to the land of the ancestors through the willow tree, and be initiated into your power by the Lady of the Lake. 

Receive the blessing of Dana, Queen of the Fae, and learn how to craft your own Beltane celebration & rituals, including crystal manifestation and soulmate magic.

Participate in a simple fairy charm that will invite benevolent energies of nature and good fortune into your life.

Discover your own inner power as you walk the Path of the Priestess!

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In the wheel of the year, Beltane (May 1st) falls opposite Samhain (Oct. 31st). According to ancient lore & knowlege, both May and October are months when portals open within the fabric of space and time, thinning the veils between worlds and realms.

These are magical months when mystic power is heightened and greater magic can be worked. But while Samhain is commonly associated with the underworld and the dead, Beltane is associated with the fae (fairies and fantastical creatures) and the spirits of nature. It is when their power is strongest.

It is also a time of sacred union between the goddess and the god, of love-making and hand-fasting, when the sensuality and fertility of life was celebrated in ecstatic ritual.

During this hour-long webinar we will gather in a sacred, etheric circle, and begin our preparations both in life and in spirit for Beltane.

The webinar will include:

  • A brief introduction to old Beltane lore, the Celtic Tree calendar, and identification of gods and goddesses who were celebrated at that time
  • Instruction on how to perform simple yet powerful rituals on May day (Beltane) for crystal manifestation magic, sacred union and soulmate magic
  • A handout detailing all rituals and with a list of added activities to create your own celebration

You will experience:

  • Gathering into a spirit circle to reconnect with the sacred tree essence of Willow, and receive a blessing from Dana, Celtic earth goddess of nature and the fae
  • Participation in a faery charm ritual to invite in positive energy, helpful forces, and good fortune magic
  • A guided journey to the sacred realm of Avalon, where you will be initiated into your own power by the Lady of the Lake

You will come away from this webinar with added spiritual skills and knowledge, as well as a greater sense of your own magic, power, purpose and majesty. This will be our most powerful circle yet, and one that may be deeply transformational for those who attend.

we gather on Wednesday the 26th at 6pm ET to celebrate nature, the fae, and the divine goddesses that we are!


  • What - Path of the Priestess: Fae Enchantment
  • Where - Online via Zoom
  • When - Recording available until May 10th, 2017
  • Duration - 75 minutes
  • Fee - $25
  • Bonuses - Guided journey to the Lady of the Lake during webinar + handout
  • Policies - No credits/refunds after purchase; you have until May 10th, 2017 to watch the recording, after that it will no longer be available

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Once you have paid via PayPal to register, please wait to be redirected to the thank you page so that you can complete registration for the webinar. If you are not redirected to that page, or if you do not receive registration details via email from Zoom, please contact me.

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"I'm really enjoying your webinars, and your guided meditations are amazing!"  - Kathy S.

"Krista! OMG thank you!! I just finished it and that was so magical moment for me, during your webinar, my Kyoto’s tiny small office turned out to be an ancient European forest, and even could smell like a sacred woods!! Still smells now!

...In modern days no one seems to care so deeply about those old mystical things. I totally agreed that those customs are so important to us. I really amazed and LOVED your whole webinar as always!!! 

Thank you so much again, you are such a great teacher."  - Meg Y.

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