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  1. Why choose my Professional Crystal Healer Certification Course?

    Because this system of crystal healing was developed over years and years of full-time professional crystal healing work, for real people with real problems, in New York City. Five Days a week, four weeks a month,11.5 months a year for 10+ years - that's a LOT of crystal healing work!!  In other words, this is a style of crystal healing that was tested on people, proven consistently successful, and helped hundreds of people improve their lives and health.

    This program provides a good balance of theory and practice, lots of support, and well-rounded professional development. There's also a private Facebook group where you will be able to post questions and connect with the course community.

    You won’t just learn Krista's system of crystal healing, you’ll also learn how to develop yourself as a healer, including how to relate to clients, create a healing environment, cultivate your psychic and healing abilities, deepen your connection to crystal energy and consciousness, and learn how to maintain healthy boundaries and self-care needs, which are all essential to developing a successful healing practice.

    You get to learn from Krista live (don’t worry, both video and audio recordings will be accessible if you can’t make the class), and you’ll be able to ask her questions directly either in the Q&A at the end of each class, by email, or in the group calls at the end of each module. You get to interact with your teacher and receive personal attention. Krista is invested in you throughout the whole program.

  2. Do I need to be psychic or have previous healing experience to enroll in this course?

    No, not at all. I was a beginner once -- in some ways it's the best place from which to start! But whether you have psychic abilities and/or healing experience, or not, this is a self-contained, fully-designed program that will teach and train you in all the skills you will need to do this work highly effectively.
  3. Is there homework? What is expected of me?

    Yes there is homework. There are self-practice assignments during the months of classwork, and homework logs that must be submitted at the end of each practicum month (end of each module). You are expected to have submitted your practicum homework logs at the end of each module to demonstrate your comprehension of the material, as well as proof of having done your practice-client work. 
  4. Can I study at my own pace and finish the course if I have a family and a full time job?

    Yes and no. There is space and flexibility worked into the course to account for people’s real-life obligations. The months of practicum are independent study, you can schedule your practice work and practice clients as your time permits.

    Classes are held live, but both audio and video recordings will be made available for those who cannot attend at the scheduled time, or who wish to review on a later date.

    However, as this is a professional level certification course, there must also be accountability. You’ll be expected to show up to your client appointments on time as a healer, so in this program, you are expected to submit your homework and attend classes in a punctual fashion.

    You are required to submit your homework logs at the end of each module, and after the course ends, you have six months to submit your examination in order to achieve your certification. If you do not submit your homework logs and/or your examination on time, you can still attend the classes, but you will be disqualified from achieving your certification (CCH).
  5. What are the requirements for this course and will I be needing supplies?

    The foremost requirement is that you have a desire to work as a crystal healer at a professional level. No experience is necessary, this course is designed to take you from beginner (and everywhere in between) to pro.

    Required books:
    “Change Your Energy: Healing Crystals for Health, Wealth, Love & Luck” by Krista N. Mitchell
    "Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System” by Anodea Judith
    - “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Carolyn Myss;
    - "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers: Reclaiming Your Power, Creativity, Brilliance, and Dreams" by Debbie Ford

    As well as one of the following three books:
    “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall, “The Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian, or “Love is in the Earth” by Melody.

    Recommend Books (but not required)
    - "The Subtle Body" by Cyndi Dale
    - "The Right Questions: Ten Essential Questions To Guide You To An Extraordinary Life" by Debbie Ford

    Required crystals:
    - selenite stick 8” - 14” in length
    - a chakra kit that includes 1-1.5” sized pieces of red calcite and red jasper, orange calcite and carnelian, tiger eye and citrine, green calcite and rose quartz, blue calcite and blue kyanite, amethyst and clear quartz, moonstone and selenite
    - 1-1.5” sized pieces of hematite, black tourmaline, green aventurine, fluorite, blue lace agate, ruby (non-gem quality).

    All of these crystals are relatively inexpensive and easy to find, and can be raw or tumbled. All registrants will receive discount coupons or discounted lists from reputable online crystal stores as part of their program package.

    For technical requirements to attend online classes, please go to my Webinar Troubleshooting page.
  6. Do I receive a certification at the end of the course?

    Yes! Provided you have submitted your homework logs on time and successfully passed your examination on time, you are guaranteed certification. You will receive a certificate signed by Krista, as well as a listing on her official crystal healer page, and you will be able to use the CCH (certified crystal healer) designation.
  7. What is the timeline of this course?

    The course is six months long, separated into three two-month modules. There is an additional six months at the end of the course to write and submit your examination. After the examination deadline the course, the members site, and the Facebook group will be closed.
  8. Why is the course broken down into parts?

    To facilitate learning, there’s a LOT of information and exercises in this course. Each module builds on the previous one. We begin with physical healing, then layer in mental/emotional, then layer in spiritual. As crystal healing is an holistic (treating the whole), multi-dimensional form of energy therapy, you can work different levels of healing on a client simultaneously. You need time to both process and practice this system — some things take time to learn effectively!
  9. As a Certified Crystal Healer will I be able to use the letters CCH after my name? Or what happens once the course ends?

    Yes, you can use that designation after being certified. Once the course ends you will be invited to join the private Rock Whisperers Facebook group, which is a group of crystal students who have studied with Krista for years, in order to still receive the support of your fellow community. This only applies to people who successfully complete the program and are certified by Krista.
  10. What kind of tools will I able to take with me?

    You will graduate from this course as a professional, exceptionally well-trained, and experienced crystal healer. You will have healing competency that will range from minor ailments to serious illnesses, stress to childhood trauma, anxiety to cognitive ability, intuition to energy clearing & extraction. You will know how to work with clients who have varying issues, how to listen to what’s being said (and what's not), how to sense and scan energy, how to create and hold sacred space, and how to maintain your own professional and energetic boundaries.

    You will be a high-performance crystal healing specialist who will be in a unique position to truly help people and make the world a better place.
  11. Can I build a professional practice at the end of this course?

    Yes. This course is specifically designed to prepare you for professional practice. And while this is not a business course, there will be resources listed on the course site to point you to teachers and programs that will teach you how to build a thriving business. Because as a professional healer, you are a small business person!

    You will also receive copies of intake and release forms, and you will learn from Krista's first-hand experience on how to run your practice and do your work with a high-level of integrity and standards. Standards and integrity are oftentimes was define a great healer from an average one, and so this is an important part of the program.
  12. Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes, there is a 4-month and 3-month payment plan. All payment plans must be fully paid by the start of the course in order to access classes and course materials.
  13. Do you offer refunds?

    For the early bird registration fee, there are no refunds.

    For payment plans, once you have made a payment it is non-refundable, however, you can cancel prior to your next payment, thus canceling your enrollment. Defaulting on your payment plan will result in your removal from the program. There are no credits, no refunds.

    For the regular registration fee, you have the option to cancel and receive a full refund up to 14 days prior to the start of the class. After that deadline, there are no refunds.

    If you register within 14 days of the start of the class, there are no refunds.

    All refund policies are final and honored without exception.
  14. I am new to energy healing work and crystals. Is this the right course for me?

    Yes, this class is designed to progress naturally from beginner to professional-level healer. People who already have healing or crystal experience will definitely find that to be an asset, but it is not a requisite. Please note, however, that this course is not designed for people who simply want to learn more about crystals, this is not an introductory or general application system. It is devoted exclusively and specifically to training people to become professional crystal healers.
  15. What is Krista Mitchell’s teaching experience?

    Along with private trainings, Krista has taught professional certification courses and led spiritual events, guided group meditations, and offered crystal healing, reiki, divination, and manifestation workshops at the following centers:

    The Omega Institute – Staff Programs
    Maha Rose NYC
    The New York Open Center
    The Meta Center
    ARE Edgar Cayce Center
    East West Books
    Sedona Sacred Rocks
    Oriens Living
    Nightlight Astrology’s Guest Speaker Series
  16. Is there a teacher training, or will I be able to teach this material after graduating from the program?

    A teacher-training option will be available by private appointment, only after the student has completed at least one year of professional work as a crystal healer.

    As Krista is deeply invested in the standards and quality of her crystal healing system, she believes that all teachers should teach not only what they have learned from the training, but also what they have learned from experience. Each teacher in training gets exclusive, private tutelage from Krista, and then will be licensed to teach the material.

    Any one discovered sharing or teaching this material without Krista’s official authorization will unfortunately have to face potential legal action and censure, and will also be removed from the certified crystal healer listing on Krista’s website. This is to ensure that the qualities and standards of the practice and the certification are maintained, and with an interest in the wellbeing of all clients and students who engage in this work.
  17. How do I prepare for this course?

    Upon registering you will be emailed a link to register for the program, as well as the URL and password for the dedicated course website, and a link to download the "Unleash Your Power" meditation album.

    You're invited to login and check out the dedicated course site in advance, and to familiarize yourself with it's layout, resource sections, and supply + requirement lists. The Facebook group will be opened and invitations will be sent out at the start of the course orientation week (Sept. 18th-22nd).

    It is recommended that you have your books and crystals purchased prior to the start of the class. Discounts for crystals will be available on the dedicated course page.

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