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Psychic Shield: Energy Protection for Healers & Empaths


A four-hour specialized training based on techniques used for years as a spiritual healer in NYC

2-Part Video Course + Handouts

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Being able to effectively clear and shield your energy is an essential skill for all healers and people who are sensitive to energy, including empaths. While there's plenty of information out there on clearing your aura, there's far less that's accessible, practical, or comprehensible on how to shield it.

While clearing helps to restore balance, it can't keep the integrity of your auric field intact. If you are being exposed to lower, harmful, or negative vibrations throughout the day or in your healing work, it can still affect you and have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing.

If you find that you're taking on your client's energy during a healing session, or being hit with peoples' stress, anger, draining behavior, upset, or psychic attack to the point that it's throwing you out of balance, you need to learn how to shield properly. 

In this 4 hour video course, I share all of the techniques I learned and practiced to shield my energy while working as a full-time crystal healer in the middle of New York City. You don't just get the theory, you get in-class training, and I am available by email to answer your questions.

You'll come out of the class being able to effectively shield your aura for the rest of your life.

Psychic Shield - Part 1 - Shielding YourSelf

  • What it means to shield and how it works
  • Basic exercises and lifestyle choices to increase your ability to shield
  • Spiritual practices
  • The effects of the shadow self, and how your own wounds may be what's letting harmful vibes affect your energy
  • Love & light - how to do that for real
  • Tips on how to develop your daily routine, with light homework to practice during the week
  • Q&A

Psychic Shield - Part 2 - Shielding Yourself + Your Space

  • Practical techniques: crystals, herbs, symbols, and mantras/psalms
  • When it's not enough - how to also shield your healing room or sleeping space
  • Working with different frequencies or rays of light
  • When spirit guides can help, and when they can't (and why)
  • How to ward your space with crystals, runes, and symbols
  • Q&A


Format: Live online class recorded via Zoom Webinar
Length: Each class in the series is approx. 2 hours long incl. a Q&A at the end of each class. 
Fee: $107
Policies: No credits or refunds after purchase. You will still receive links to download the recordings + handouts after payment has been received. This is a non-denominational, spiritual class that draws from different lineages, faiths, mystery schools, and my own personal experiences. Take what works for you and leave what doesn't, but please be open-minded. All information presented in the class has been tried and tested by me, Krista N. Mitchell, but I make no guarantees or warranties. You are encouraged to follow your own common sense and trust your intuition. In purchasing this class you are agreeing to these policies.

Invest in your spiritual self-care

"Since taking Krista’s Psychic Shielding seminar, I have learned to shield myself from having my energy drained by daily activities and people. Almost every day I put a number of the tools I learned from Krista into practice. Now I feel more prepared to deal with my day and I sleep better at night.

Krista gave the class very clear insight on how to use discernment in helping others while being mindful of self-care practices. I also appreciated the detailed hand out and recordings, I can use for future reference.

Krista is a gem (pardon the pun) and I look forward to learning more from her in future courses and one-on-one sessions." - BRS-Brooklyn, N.Y. 

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