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Crystal Support for the Capricorn 2018 New Moon

crystal support for the capricorn 2018 new moon /

The new moon in Capricorn, sign of ambition, industry and goals, happens this Tuesday January 16th at 9:17pm ET.

What to be aware of for this new moon:

  • This new moon phase is being described as a "rollercoaster". With six planets sitting in the sign and the building of eclipse season energy, the next few days could feel tumultuous and overwhelming, potentially giving rise to conflicts and endings in the areas of your relationships, friendships, careers, lifestyles, travel plans, or home life. However those conflicts or endings are meant for your highest, making way for new opportunities and new beginnings to come in. "As one door closes, another one opens." Trust your inner guidance in terms of what you need to hang on to, and what's best for you to lovingly let go.
  • While this new moon comes at the start of the year, a time when you may feel the need to be proactive in planning and pursuing your goals for the year, the emphasis is on going within, taking care of yourself, and focusing on introspection, contemplation, and meditation until a couple of days after the new moon.
  • There may be a tendency to act impulsively, feel fatigued, irritable, and argumentative, so the more you can give yourself quiet time, self-care and nourishment, and solitude, the better.
  • Intuition, insight, and sensitivity will be heightened at this time, and steps taken in the next few days will initiate major shifts in your life that can have very happy and beneficial results IF you work at remaining grounded, rational, and balanced when making decisions.

Overall guidance for this new moon in Capricorn: Take these next few days as an opportunity to find quiet time, amp up your self-care routine, connect with your inner wisdom, and invest in your soul journey.

Crystal Support:

Hematite /

Grounding -- Hematite. Given that this could be a time of upheavals, endings that result in beginnings, and many things coming to a close simultaneously, being able to remain grounded and empowered is key. Hematite will keep you anchored, steadfast in your intentions, and help you hold your ground while remaining reasonable if you find yourself in a conflict. Hematite has the added benefit of boosting vitality if you're hit with fatigue.


blue kyanite /

Rationality -- Blue Kyanite. Blue kyanite helps to balance the intuitive mind with the logical, so that you can function from a place of both in harmony. This will help curb impulsiveness while keeping you open to hearing your inner guidance.




rose quartz /

Self-Care -- Rose Quartz. Rose quartz infuses our being with feelings of self-love, nurturing, and caring, which can help you remain heart-centered and lovingly focused on self-care.





sodalite /

Inner Wisdom + Insight -- Sodalite. Sodalite's energy shifts the focus of your 3rd eye chakra inwardly, which helps you become more deeply aware of and in tune with your authentic self, truth, and needs, as well as making you more aware of habits or patterns that don't serve you.




bloodstone /

Emotional Balance -- Bloodstone. Bloodstone helps to stabilize the energy of your sacral chakra, your emotional storehouse that regulates your emotional connection to the outside world. When the sacral chakra becomes unbalanced, we tend towards mood swings, irrational behavior, and will react impulsively. Bloodstone helps to ground and center your emotional self so that you can keep an even keel.



How to Work With Them:

  • Wear all five crystals, or the one(s) you feel you need to on a daily basis for support.
  • Meditate while holding a crystal in your receptive hand and focusing on the energy you need for 5-15 minutes.

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