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How To Work With Spirit Quartz

how to work with spirit quartz /

Spirit quartz is a powerful aura healer and protector, that boosts courage, and enhances your connection to the fairy and nature spirit realm. Here’s how to work with it:

Wear it daily:

  • for protection and shielding of your aura
  • if you feel that you are exposed to negative vibes a lot 
  • if you are empathic, a healer or sensitive to energy
  • when dealing with your own fears of moving forward with life
  • to bring in more courage and to connect with your inner courage
  • to connect with the Fae and interact psychically with beings of the elemental realm

Sleep with it:

  • to help clear off and repair your aura
  • for psychic protection at night
  • to heal and reseal your aura
  • to increase your own intuition 
  • for an enhanced dream state, especially if you are doing psychic dreaming or shamanic dreaming work or while connecting with the Akashic records in your dream state
  • increasing your clairsentience which is the psychic ability of being able to feel and sense energy

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