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How to Work with Quartz

How to work with quartz /

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Quartz is the most popular crystal in the world. It can be applied to any working with intention, intention being the key word!

Quartz amplifies + magnifies everything; the good, the bad, and the ugly, so it's important to work with it with specific intention

Quartz is great for goal-setting, and can be used in ritual, meditation or visualization work to help you to succeed in pursuing your goals and realizing your intentions. Hold it in your dominant hand (the one you write with) or hold it up to your 3rd eye chakra (point facing in) when doing this work.

You can wear it for laser-like focus or clarity, to receive more accurate hits when doing psychic readings, to increase your level of mindfulness, provided you're working with that intention in mind.

Put it on top of tarot decks, in your rune or medicine bag, or underneath other crystals to keep their energy potent and clear.

I recommend never placing quartz in your bedroom, as it can keep you up at night, or make you feel more anxious when you're trying to sleep.

I also don't recommend wearing it if you feel anxious, depressed, or hyper-active, as it can amplify those states and make you feel worse.

If you place quartz in your garden or potted plants it can help the plants to grow. You can also place it with your fresh food to boost its vitality, but note it may cause it to spoil faster.

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